In a new trailer for the upcoming series The Old Man, Jeff Bridges is on the lam with his two trusty dogs.

Bridges has a plethora of movie credits under his belt, but The Old Man will mark his first role as the star of a television series.

Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, the creators of Black Sails, are adapting the series from the novel of the same name by Thomas Perry.

In a new trailer from FX, Dan Chase (played by Bridges) is rogue CIA operative living off the grid until a hired assassin knocks on his door. Knowing that several people are after him.

The series also stars the likes of Amy Brenneman (The Leftovers), Faran Tahir (12 Monkeys), and Alia Shawkat (Search Party), to name a few.

With A-list actors such as Bridges, Lithgow, Brenneman, Shawkat, and Tahir, the anticipated performances alone are enough to draw viewers' attention to The Old Man.

Not only this, but the ever-endearing Bridges as an ex-CIA agent who has a soft spot for Rottweilers may be a character that finds his way into the hearts of many.

Viewers will also have to see how Chase manages to escape his precarious situation when The Old Man debuts next month.