A new book reveals the cast of The Office surprised Steve Carell with Michael Scott's emotional farewell song. First airing in 2005 on NBC

The Office would eventually become one of the defining sitcoms of an entire generation. The show featured Carell as Michael

Although The Office continued to reach new levels of popularity with each passing year, Carell decided to depart the show in season 7

All of his coworkers, including Jenna Fischer's Pam, Angela Kinsey's Angela, and John Krasinksi's Jim, then proceed to sing "9,986,000 Minutes," a rendition of Rent's "Seasons of Love"

Although the show is mostly known for its clever comedy and wacky performances from Carell and the rest of the cast, The Office occasionally featured truly emotional, gut-wrenching moments.

This new information in Fischer and Kinsey's book also helps to explain why Carell's reaction to the song feels so genuine – it truly caught him by surprise.

the character did get to return in the series finale to reunite with his former coworkers. While The Office has now been off-air for nearly ten years

Saying farewell to Michael marked one of The Office's most emotional scenes, and this new information regarding the character's goodbye song only serves to make the moment even more powerful.