The Offer's real-life gangster Joe Gallo's links to The Godfather, including his ties to the Colombo crime family and his dispute with them, run surprisingly deep.

Alongside Teller, the show stars Juno Temple, Matthew Goode, Dan Fogler, and Colin Hanks, along with Giovanni Ribisi as Joe Colombo and Joseph Russo as "Crazy Joe" Gallo.

Gallo was known as "Crazy Joe" as he was diagnosed with schizophrenia early in his criminal career and later became an enforcer for the Profaci crime family.

This caused significant problems for The Godfather early on, and would lead to a life-changing turn of events for Colombo.

In the time after his release from prison, Gallo became somewhat of a celebrity, hanging out with the Hollywood stars like Jerry Orbach

The police investigation after Gallo's death couldn't determine who was directly responsible for the murder, but one of those who claimed to have carried out the hit has another movie connection

De Niro played a young Don Corleone in The Godfather: Part II (for which he won an Oscar), but in The Irishman he plays Frank Sheeran

Pacino plays Union Boss Jimmy Hoffa in the film and is also killed by Sheeran, making an even stranger connection between Gallo, The Mob, Hollywood, The Godfather, and both De Niro and Pacino