First broadcast in 1963, Doctor Who evolves through many different eras as the Doctor goes through each regeneration and leads a diverse team of comrades on their space and time adventures.

However, The Doctor's newest companion could mark a major step forward in terms of LGBTQ+ representation in Doctor Who and the media in general.

The next Doctor Who era will bring many changes. Showrunner Russell T. Davis returned to the show following his departure in 2010.

The Thirteenth Doctor (Jody Whitaker) will retire from the series, and the Fourteenth Doctor, played by Nkuti Gatva, will become Dr. Be the first black doctor Koi.

The companion of The Fourteenth Doctor, an 18 year old teenager named Rose, is an explicitly trans character, played by a trans actress. Jasmine Feeney from Heartstopper.

Dr.  Who's had LGBTQ+ characters in the past, but they've usually been on the fringes of spin-off series or never received the development they deserve.

While the relationship between Thirteenth Doctor and his partner Yaz is a solid step in the right direction, Whitaker's exit from the series almost guarantees the end of their relationship.

the Janto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) relationship - was only explored in the Torchwood spinoff and subsequent radio drama, and Janto's untimely death rendered the relationship immature.