Carl Weathers gives a short update on his experience directing an upcoming episode of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian season 3, having directed for the show's second season.

Weathers also plays the on-screen role of Greef Karga, head of the Bounty Hunter's Guild and ally of Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal.)

The Mandalorian follows Djarin, a.k.a. the Mandalorian, as he must go on the run with Grogu, an infant with a strong connection to the Force.

Karga was last seen in the episode "The Seige" (directed by Weathers), which saw him as the magistrate of Nevarro, working to eliminate Imperial forces on the planet.

Weathers has previously confirmed that filming for The Mandalorian season 3 has wrapped, and the new episodes are now in post-production for a February 2023 release date.

The Mandalorian works best when it uses the grand scope of the Star Wars universe to tell an intimate story about Djarin and Grogu,

with one of the series's strengths being its small ensemble so that each character has a more memorable impression on the audience.

As long as Favreau and directors like Weathers maintain the central draw of the show and the impressive look and feel of the series.