Jen, whose family recently relocated from Florida to Boston in February 2022, reveals her kids miss certain aspects of their hometown.

“Zoey misses the beach,” she shares. “Will misses his friends. He had a really close group of friends that he connected with early on from school and they have remained pretty close.”

“We just actually went back down to Florida for their spring vacation, and we got to connect with some of his friends, which was wonderful,”

she says, adding that they also spent time on the beach during the trip. “I know Zoey misses not only the beach,

but she also misses my aunt and uncle Barbara and Jack, which like myself, she became very close with. So, you know, family and sunshine.”

The reality star – who shares Will, 12, and Zoey, 10, with husband Bill Klein – notes that the kids have made the most of their move to Boston.

She says that Boston is “a little bit different” from Florida, adding that moving in the middle of winter with “extreme weather” wasn’t the most “wise” choice.

While the mother of two says they’ve adjusted to their new home, she admits it wasn’t easy. “It doesn’t mean we don’t miss Florida and family and friends and, you know, that’s my home,” she explains.