The Kashmir Files is redefining the box office records for Bollywood. The film which was promoted on a smaller scale is now turning out to be a historic blockbuster in its theatrical run.

Helmed by Vivek Agnihotri, the film was definitely has been in the talks ever since it was announced as it dealt with a sensitive topic in Indian history.

Earlier touted to be a film with niche appeal, secured itself a limited screening of just 500 screens across the country.

Now coming back to day 4 i.e. first Monday, The Kashmir Files has earned 16-18 crores. It’s simply out of this world considering the number is bigger than Sunday’s 15.10 crores

. As of now, the grand total stands at 43.15-45.15 crores. Now, the 100 crore club entry will be a cakewalk for the film, and speaking about the lifetime, the sky is the limit!

Some even think that The Kashmir Files might score even better on Tuesday, and could even end up touching the 20 crore mark.

. Let’s wait and see what happens. But as the response is thunderous, as many as 1500 more screens were added on Sunday.