19.15 crores on the second Friday, 26.20 crores on the second Sunday and now 12.40 crores on the second Monday

It has been one blockbuster ride for The Kashmir Files. In fact, such has been the kind of consistently high run that

the Vivek Agnihotri directed film has been having that even these huge Monday numbers are seeming like a ‘drop’ from Friday.

Otherwise, over the last 10 days, the film has by and large seen a rise in numbers when compared to the first day and because of that even that anomaly has become the norm for it.

This is the reason why one thought that on Monday too the collections could as well be closer to the 20 crores mark, and in the process stay higher than Friday.

However, while that hasn’t happened, the fact that it is still only around 30% down and that too while playing in the double digits has been an achievement no less.

The film now stands at 179.85 crores and by Wednesday, it will enter the 200 Crore Club. From there,

it would be about its journey towards the 300 Crore Club, something that’s definitely looking within reach now.