The Future Diary is a Japanese Romance Reality series that was first streaming on December 14. It is based on the definition of love and romance

where complete strangers meet and receive a mysterious diary of love in which the future is written. Season 1 was a modern-day reboot of a concept that was popular in the late 90s.

Now Netflix is ready to tear you up with “The Future Diary Season 2” which is going to be released on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

The series has already set its parameters in the field of love, romance, and dating. It is an amazing show, it’s genuine with wholesome sentiments and emotions that will touch your heartstrings.

In the trailer, the show’s premise follows three strangers namely Daigo, Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Satoshi Mukai as participants and they have to follow every single thing written in the diary.

This season is about three strangers who meet, become friends, and fall in love, forming a love triangle. It will show their dating experience and the feelings they will develop for each other

The bar between love and friendship and the race to win a girl over another, who is your friend, is something which can be thrilling and give a gleeful feeling to being loved.

The feeling of jealousy and the adventures in love will make it curious to watch who is fitting as the other half.