Nicole Rémy and Daniel Bochicchio got engaged on the season finale of The Courtship but kept fans guessing post-show as they did not address their relationship until a week later

Nicole is a 26-year-old software engineer and former professional cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks from Lakewood, Washington

When Nicole first met Daniel, or Danny B as she nicknamed him on the show, she felt an instant connection. There were literal fireworks on their first date after their first kiss.

However, Danny, a 31-year-old real estate agent from Staten Island, New York, expressed his doubts about getting engaged so quickly, even though he was developing real feelings for Nicole.

Therefore, Nicole was shocked when Danny proposed to her on the season finale of The Courtship, and she happily accepted.

But, after the finale aired, Nicole and Danny were silent about their relationship. Fans began to wonder if they had broken up.

Although The Courtship couple Nicole and Danny broke up, they do talk "every now and then." Nicole even admitted that, although she wants to move on,

there are days when she wants Danny back in her life "because we did have so many happy times, and I want to feel that magic that we once shared."