While The Conners season 5 might be tempted to make Jackie’s wedded bliss into a nightmare, the sitcom should not be in a rush to ruin her marriage.

Where Roseanne was a headstrong firebrand, her sister was more of a neurotic, if well-meaning, figure.

Unfortunately for Jackie, this often meant that she got caught between extremes when it came to relationships.

Sometimes, Jackie’s high-strung personality was too much for more laid-back love interests who could have been a good influence on her

while at other times, she fell victim to manipulative characters who took advantage of her sweet nature.

As a result of this tumultuous romantic history, Jackie’s season 4 finale wedding should mark a new era for the character.

Although The Conners showrunners implied that Jackie she will struggle to keep all that she and Neville have managed to build in The Conners season 5

Jackie and Neville should stay together and find lasting happiness after all of the brutal roadblocks that both The Conners and Roseanne have thrown her way.