The Boys' terrifying new Homelander twist takes his season 3 story in the most exciting direction imaginable.

In both Garth Ennis' original comic book and Amazon's live-action adaptation, the concept behind Homelander is dev

With Homelander at his lowest ebb, viewers wondered how The Seven's milk-loving leader would retaliate in The Boys season 3...

Thanks to Amazon's second The Boys season 3 trailer, we now know exactly how Homelander reacts - and it's dark.

The revelation of Homelander's true nature goes down far better than Vought ever anticipated. In the words of Homelander himself, "I showed people the real me... They f**king love me."

What makes The Boys' new Homelander twist really horrifying isn't the thought of unleashing the villain's wild side, nor the sins Homey might commit now hiding them isn't necessary

it's the public adulation he receives. Real world society has been through an awful lot since The Boys season 2 ended in October 2020: even more political upheaval,

cultural division, the Capitol Hill riot, and the continued lingering impact of COVID-19. In such crazy times, parody becomes extremely difficult.