The Boys gave fans their best look yet at Soldier Boy's explosive superpowers in the latest trailer for the Prime Video superhero series' third season.

The full Season 3 trailer includes several scenes of Jensen Ackles' Captain America-inspired character in action, including one sequence where he projects a devastating energy beam from his chest.

This is the first time Soldier Boy has demonstrated this ability in any of The Boys' promotional footage. Until now, he's only displayed enhanced physical strength and speed,

as well as exceptional hand-to-hand fighting prowess.Soldier Boy is the most high-profile addition to The Boys line-up in Season 3.

The All-American superhero features heavily in the show's marketing campaign, including several pre-release stills and the teaser trailer.

The official Twitter account for fictional corporation Vought International previously shared a black-and-white photo of Soldier Boy supposedly dating back to the character's exploits during World War II.

The trailer was followed by the release of a further four posters, although this time the title and artwork used on each were more directly associated with The Boys Season 3. 

Posted as a thread on Twitter with the caption "Civil war, but it ain't civil," the quartet of yellow-and-black images spotlighted the members of the titular team and their rivals