Infinity Train is just what its name implies: A show set on a seemingly endless train, where each train car offers a different fantastical universe 

Boy genius Dexter, with his Peter Lorre accent, has clueless parents and an older sister who just don't understand his scientific prowess. 

Based on the popular book series, His Dark Materials follows scrappy orphan Lyra and her daemon (animal companion) Pan as she learns to read a mysterious truth-telling instrument  

The lead character in Samurai Jack was sent forward to a dystopian future by a shapeshifting demon named Aku, and must travel back to his own time to stop evil from triumphing. 

You know nothing, Jon Snow, until you've watched the massive, 73-episode Game of Thrones series. You might not love the controversial ending, but the show itself 

Is Rick and Morty fantasy? Sci-fi? Something else? The acclaimed adult animation series focuses on mad scientist Rick, his grandkids Morty and Summer Smith, and their parents 

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup aren't your average kindergarteners: They're superhero sisters with a scientist dad, Professor Utonium, and they help their city, Townsville, fight off criminals. 

The Leftovers, based on Tom Perotta's 2011 novel, tells the story of a world where 2% of the population simply vanishes in an event that comes to be known as the Sudden Departure.