With the rise of the digital and social media era over the last few years, one of the most heated debates has revolved around spoilers.  

Many fans of comic book movies and, well, pop culture in general can often be found blasting people online for spoiling their favorite TV shows and movies right after they're released. 

It's gotten so bad studios have asked viewers to be quiet so others can soak in the experience and be genuinely surprised. 

Marvel Studios, in particular, had to preemptively muzzle Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland after they spilled key details about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

After what transpired with Matt Reeves' The Batman, it's clear that the age of the spoiler is indeed dead, and free conversation over these films is something viewers have to learn to live with. 

Now, a lot of this has to do with The Batman's press circuit, starting with Reeves giving an interview in which he confirmed Barry Keoghan was indeed the Joker the day before the movie opened. 

That's a pretty big cameo to spoil, and while it had been speculated for months, people still wanted to be surprised. 

Interestingly, Reeves had spoken in interviews before about a deleted scene that had Keoghan's character in Arkham with The Riddler.