The Atlanta Falcons are in need of talent at a lot of different positions, one of those being wide receiver where they are considered to have one of the worst groups in the entire NFL.

Of course, the draft is one way to upgrade the position but none of those players are sure things, any one of them could end up being a bust.  

The draft involves a lot of luck, however, Atlanta could instead trade for a proven player that has requested a trade from his current team.

While this offseason has been unique, you do not often see a player of Samuel’s caliber on the trade market, this is why Atlanta needs to go all-in on him.

Think about what he would bring to the Falcons, a player who can line up anywhere and will physically dominate the opposition after the catch.  

He has a skill set that not many players have ever had in the history of the NFL.

Arthur Smith has proven that he knows how to use a player with Deebo’s skill set and while Atlanta already has that similar player in Cordarrelle Patterson 

There are two big issues though, would he be willing to come to Atlanta—not that he has much say in who trades for him