Ryan Reynolds has a new potential franchise with The Adam Project, supposing that Netflix makes The Adam Project 2 in the future.

Netflix  gave The Adam Project new life in 2020. The move to the world's biggest streaming service brought Ryan Reynolds along to star and director Shawn Levy.

The sequel can't happen without Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell returning as young and middle-aged Adam Reed.

There is not a direct path for Mark Ruffalo to return as Adam's father, but anything is possible with time travel.

The Adam Project's ending doesn't directly set up the story of a potential sequel. Instead, Shawn Levy's 2022 Netflix movie effectively wraps up the main plot points.

The Adam Project 2's story could reveal that time travel was still invented in some other way or lean more into the concept of multiverses

The Adam Project sequel announcement, it is not yet clear when The Adam Project 2's release date could be.

As a result, The Adam Project 2 might not be released until 2025 due to the nature of development and how busy Reynolds and Levy are.