The Duffer brothers share a Stranger Things season 5 update. With only a week to go until Stranger Things season 4 hits the small screen

Fans are clamoring to see what happens next to their favorite characters, and what horrors might spring from the upside down to terrorize Hawkins.

By the end of Stranger Things season 3, Eleven had left town with the members of the Byers family in order to escape from the trauma caused by Hawkins lab and the Mind Flayer.

Season 4 has been positioned as the beginning of the end, as it's confirmed Stranger Things season 5 will be the show's last. That has many wondering what's in store further down the line.

In an interview with Collider, the Duffers explained while they were writing the scripts for season 4, they also outlined the plot of the fifth and final season.

the pandemic gave them a break where they could write season 4 before shooting began and also plot out “all of [season] five.”

It is therefore safe to assume that the last two seasons of Stranger Things will be more connected than the previous three and that this year’s ‘Big Bad’, the malicious and enigmatic Vecna

there are Stranger Things season 4 spoilers circling around that threaten to diminish the impact of what they have in mind. But hopefully they'll deliver on the promise and potential.