Stranger Things’ cast teases Vecna as a new kind of horror at the worldwide premiere of season 4. The Duffer Brothers’ homage to ‘80s nostalgia, Stranger Things

The series follows a group of high school friends in Hawkins, Indiana as they uncover a mystery involving secret government experiments

Last month, a trailer for Stranger Things season 4 teased the series' terrifying new villain Vecna who, in true Stranger Things fashion, is named after a character from Dungeons & Dragons.

It’s been revealed that the monster — who vaguely resembles both Game of Thrones' Night King and a spider — was created using 90% practical effects.

Your suffering is almost at an end.” Now, the cast of Stranger Things have given their take on what could be their final foe.

In a recent interview at the world premiere of Stranger Things season 4 in Brooklyn, N.Y., David Harbour, Gaten Matarazzo, and the rest of the cast were asked about the show’s new villain.

In Stranger Things season 4 trailers, Vecna can be seen in what appears to be the Creel House either in Hawkins or the Upside Down.

It remains to be seen how exactly this new horror will be dealt with when the first half of Stranger Things season 4 premieres on May 27th.