Stephen King reacts to Stranger Things season 4 making a reference to Carrie. King is one of the most successful horror authors to ever live

Carrie was not only King's first published novel, but it has also become one of his most well-known stories, revolving around a bullied high schooler named Carrie White, who has telekinetic powers.

A reboot starring Chloë Grace Moretz was also released in 2013 but was not as well-received as the original.

With Carrie being one of King's most popular stories, it wasn't much of a surprise that Stranger Things paid homage to the novel.

The beginning of Stranger Things season 4 shows Eleven struggling to adjust to moving to California with the Byers family.

This storyline culminates when Mike visits Eleven and Will in California, and the trio goes to Rink-O-Mania.

The scene is very similar to the climax of Carrie, where the school bullies drop a bucket of pigs' blood over her head, causing the whole school to laugh at her.

Even though King isn't a fan of Stranger Things' split-season format, hopefully, the Duffer Bros. can thrill the author with season 4 Volume 2 in July, and, eventually, season 5.