One of the best examples of this was how a passing mention of the Clone Wars turned into an animated series.  

However, until that answer came, there was time for theories to grow as fans did their best to speculate what connected many events in the saga 

A Reddit theorist on r/FanTheories believed that Yoda's cause for his unique way of speaking wasn't due to his species but instead a teaching tactic he used to gain his students' attention better.  

seemed like a far-fetched idea, but when factoring in his history and the mystery surrounding his people, it could make the most sense over any explanation. 

But that still doesn't explain why one of the most powerful Jedi had to resort to such a clever tactic to gain attention. 

Yaddle nor Grogu has spoken to inform better if Yoda's backward way of speaking is because of his people or his own quirk.  

But considering how little of his species have been Jedi, him changing how he spoke may have been born out of necessity.  

During the High Republic, Yoda was already a Jedi. However, if there was a time when he was new, people may not have paid much attention to him as they may have judged him by his size.