For Enterprise security chief Lt. La'an Noonien on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds -- portrayed by Christina Chong (Doctor Who, Dominion, 24: Live Another Day) -- dealing with her family’s reputation can be difficult.

She shares a personal connection to one of the franchise's most notorious and dangerous foes, Khan.

That baggage, combined with a troubled childhood and witnessing her people either be eaten or bred by the savage Gorn not only continues to haunt La'an but shapes her into one of Enterprise's most dedicated, resourceful, and invaluable crew members.

Alongside Captain Pike (Anson Mount), La'an proved instrumental in rescuing Number One/Una (Rebecca Romijn) from captivity.

She participated in a field mission that almost resulted in the destruction of the Enterprise. 

Despite all the bravado and heroics, the demons of La'an's past are about to catch up with her. Chong recently spoke to CBR about joining the Star Trek franchise, La'an's PTSD, relating to her character's struggles, and the Gorn.

It was during the pandemic that I got this, so nobody was working. We didn't know what was going to happen.

It just came and fell in my lap. I was like, ''Of course, I am going to do it.'' But it could have been anything.