Marvel's new Sorcerer Supreme Clea Strange is desperate to resurrect Doctor Strange and is seemingly losing control more than ever in her quest to bring back the hero from the dead.

. In a new preview of Strange #3 by Marvel Comics, the current Sorcerer Supreme of Earth searches for answers about a gang targeting magical refugees

The Death of Doctor Strange sent magical shockwaves through the Marvel Universe as Clea Strange, his wife and the ruler of the Dark Dimension

As she tries to bring Stephen Strange back from the dead, Clea has been forced to deal with new emerging threats, including the Harvestman,

an entity sent by Death to ensure the hero stays dead. Harvestman and undead heroes have battled Clea Strange,

but she hasn't relented in her quest to bring her husband back to life - even if that means losing control.

Clea is an incredibly powerful magic user, as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and the Dark Dimension isn't afraid to use dark means to get what she wants.

she will seemingly do anything to bring back Doctor Strange, even if it means crossing lines she might not be able to come back from. Strange #3 by Marvel Comics is in stores Wednesday.