Today, we were on the highway, and saw tons of cut down trees laying on the side of the road. This is terrible for the environment.

Trees, if anything, do the best job to help the earth. They absorb CO2 by their leaves, store it in their bark or roots, or turn it into oxygen 

Sea rise. Rising sea levels could affect 1 billion people by 2050, threatening islands and coastal cities by intensifying flooding and storm surge. 

Heat waves. Heat waves are already more frequent and severe around the globe, affecting hundreds of millions even billions of people.

Ice-free Arctic. Arctic sea ice recedes every summer, but still covers millions of square miles of ocean today.  

Transportation. Reduce the fossil fuel impact of your daily commute to work or school by riding your bike, walking, carpooling, or using public transportation. 

Speak. Try and talk to your school and see if they can cut down on plastic straws and spoons, or have more gardens for fresh, healthy food that doesn’t have packaging.

The climate is changing fast. So please, do all you can. If we work together, we can slow down and even stop climate change.