Saturday Night Live brought us a great episode with host Selena Gomez and one that poked fun at a great many things, including some recent Broadway controversy.

In multiple ways. The Great White Way was hit pretty hard when COVID came, mainly because you couldn't safely put on theater in the midst of the pandemic.

Slowly, theater has been making a comeback and with it has been a surge of new projects and by extent COVID cases within the casts.

There are precautions in place, but what happens when everyone has to tap out of a performance of a show? Well, in this Saturday Night Live sketch titled "Irish Play"

Star Jesse Williams is nude in the production, which led to the show locking up cell phones to try and keep from it leaking to the internet. That didn't stop it from happening though.

It's both funny and sad because...there's been a lot of this on Broadway recently. Just this weekend, the Broadway show Moulin Rouge had to cancel their shows because of COVID cases.

During the previews for the Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga take on Macbeth, director Sam Gold played a part with script in hand because too many people were out sick.

the actor comes out onto stage, says his line, and starts to take his clothes off, with everyone in the audience taking a picture of him.