10th April is celebrated and observed as Siblings Day. The day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of a sibling in a person’s life.

The day aims to make people realise the value of brothers and sisters in their lives and to express gratitude towards their siblings.

Siblings Day was first celebrated in 1996 after Claudia Evart created the holiday in 1995 after losing her only siblings.

New Yorker Claudia Evart, the founder of the Siblings Day Foundation, lost her brother Alan and sister Lisette at an early age.

 It was in 1995 when she founded the day. April 10 was selected as the date to honour and celebrate the importance of siblings as it also marked the birth anniversary of Evart’s late sister Lisette.

Siblings Day Foundation aims to bring recognition to the day federally. Claudia’s organisation also works on establishing an International Siblings Day with the help of the United Nations. 

1. Avoid annoying your siblings for one day in a year and express love and gratitude towards them. 2. Plan a day full of fun activities for you and your siblings to enjoy. 3. Take your siblings out for a movie or to their favourite eatery. 4. Buy your sibling a present.

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