Shaquille O'Neal is a retired American basketball player, entrepreneur, television host and product endorser.

As of this writing, Shaquille O'Neal's net worth is $400 million. During his NBA career, Shaq earned $292 million in salary alone.

He earned well over $200 million from endorsements during that same time period. 

Even though he has been retired for many years, Shaq still earns around $60 million per year from endorsements and various business endeavors to this day.

Shaquille O'Neal was born on March 6th, 1972 in Newark, New Jersey to parents Lucille O'Neal and Joe Toney. 

His father was addicted to drugs and went to prison for drug possession when O'Neal was just a baby. 

His parents never married and his father left soon after Shaq was born, upon his release from prison.

O'Neal was estranged from his father for decades. At the age of two, his mother married Phillip Harrison who was a sergeant in the U.S. Army.