According to the lawgivers, TurboTax offers products that" fiddle American taxpayers into paying for services that should be free." 

At the core of their concern is the IRS' Free Train program, through which TurboTax and other actors were supposed to offer duty medication services to low- income Americans for free.  

According to stats in the letter, the program was intended to serve 70 of Americans, but as of 2018, it was only serving 3. 

In the letter, they asked Intuit to partake the number of workers and external mates Intuit has worked with since 1999, 

who also held places in the administrative branch. They also asked the question in rear How numerous workers or mates went on to work in the administrative branch since 1999? 

The lawgivers are also asking Intuit to partake how important plutocrat it's made from taxpayers who make lower than$ 73000 since 1999.

Eventually, however, the letter is not just seeking answers. It's also seeking to raise the profile of the Tax Filing Simplification Act. 

It would give Americans apre-filled return that they could subscribe and return