Christine Quinn was purportedly disinvited from the MTV Awards because of charges she made about Selling Sunset's maker.

Be that as it may, while many cast individuals were there to praise, the show's antagonist was remarkably missing.

Christine, who has filled the main bad guy job since season 1, has offered a great deal of remarks about her issues with the unscripted TV drama's creation.

However she for the most part griped about maker bias and out of line altering, one ongoing remark was unquestionably surprising.

As she described on the Call Her Daddy web recording, Christine was purportedly told to commit suicide by maker/maker Adam DiVello.

Notwithstanding her own upsetting allegation, the real estate professional claimed there were numerous different grumblings about Adam's way of behaving.

Love her or disdain her, most watchers couldn't envision Selling Sunset with Christine. All things considered, the blondie has been the impetus for a large part of the show.

Fans should hold on until season 6 starts creation to figure out more about her future on the series. Meanwhile, they can anticipate the side projects Netflix has coming up.