“I hope, when all is said and done, that our legacy on Seeking Sister Wife will be that plural marriage lived with a higher intent can be a beautiful relationship,

full of love, growth, and progression for both men and women,” Colton, 35, wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, June 7.

“It’s a sacred relationship for us. While we didn’t necessarily intend to inspire anyone else to live as we do, I hope that we at least portrayed that between consenting adults,

it shouldn’t be criminal. That’s the only reason we chose to take up the invitation to be on television, when it was offered.

I know there are many that found us, our relationship, and our religion unappealing. Our experience with television has shown us.

“I loved watching ‘normal’ and I loved watching Colton… the only man on the show I feel like wasn’t just in it for sex,” one fan wrote.

Another commented, “Yours was the only loving functional family on the show – drama free which is why they probably didn’t have you back on which is sad 😢.”

The show’s premise follows several couples on their journey through courtship to find another sister wife to add to their polygamous families.