After sitting out this year's fifth installment, Hayden Panettiere is returning as fan favorite character Kirby in 2023's Scream 6.

Wes Craven's beloved slasher franchise made a major comeback earlier this year with the arrival of Scream, a new film centered around the next generation of Ghostface victims.

After grossing an impressive $138.8 million worldwide, Paramount and Spyglass Media greenlit Scream 6 to continue the series.

The directors behind the fifth movie, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, will return for Scream 6, which is set for release in March 2023.

This led to numerous theories that she would return in the 2022 Scream, a concept that was bolstered by overwhelming fan support.

Best known for her roles in Heroes, Ice Princess, and, yes, Scream 6, Panettiere has proven herself to be a dynamic performer across numerous genres.

As sad as it is to consider, there could also be a chance that Kirby will be Scream 6's first victim. This is a franchise that loves offing major stars in its openings

With Scream 6 really charging forward now, hopefully more updates will emerge soon that could shed some light on what the newest Ghostface has in store.