The Jane Austen series Sanditon will return for season 3 and here's everything we know. Originally canceled in December 2019 

Sanditon's vocal and loyal audience were heard and the series was renewed for seasons 2 and 3. 

However, Sanditon's comeback was dealt a blow when Theo James decided not to return as the series' romantic lead, Sidney Parker. 

Sanditon's producers were forced to write out Sidney and abandon their planned continuation of Mr. Parker's love story with Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams). 

Sanditon season 2 brought Charlotte back to the seaside town on England's southern coast and introduced new characters, including Charlotte's spritely younger sister, Alison (Rosie Graham).  

Sanditon season 2 can be lauded for how Sidney's absence became a focal point in the show, strengthening the stories of Charlotte, Georgiana, and Sidney's brothers 

Not only did Charlotte properly mourn Sidney, she decided she didn't want to marry and chose to become a governess to Colbourne's young daughter, Leonora (Flora Mitchell), and troubled niece, Augusta 

Sanditon season 2 definitely left audiences wanting to know how it all ends in Sanditon season 3.