When director SSR Rajamouli says that both the stars are vital for the narrative, he means it seriously. We see that in RRR where both the actors do well sticking to their strengths.

NTR playing Bheem is the emotional anchor of the whole movie. It is why he scores the brownie points. The intro is on expected lines

It brings us to Ram Charan. His character is developed keeping in mind the story of RRR. It doesn’t deviate for the sake of heroism until the last half an hour in the second half.

The introduction sets things perfectly in that regard where Raam is presented ruthlessly. Compare this to Bheem, Jr NTR’s intro is more cinematic and hence seems better.

When it’s time for the climax, Charan gets the best dialogues, get up and intro meeting the hype. The ‘Alluri’ get up is especially extraordinary and he nailed it.

On the flip side, the Bheem escape sequence and portions involving Alia Bhatt could have been done better.

Still, there are no dull moments, even if the narrative slackens. Things once again gain momentum after the transformation of Ram Charan

Overall, RRR has a fabulous first half and a slightly underwhelming, but thoroughly engaging second half. If you are a fan of either of the stars, watching RRR is a no brainer decision.