Ahsoka Tano star Rosario Dawson opens up about leaking possible Star Wars spoilers. It’s no spoiler to reveal that former Jedi Padawan Tano is about to get her own series on Disney+.

But of course Star Wars fans’ first encounter with Ahsoka came long before that appearance on The Mandalorian

it was no surprise to anyone when back in late 2021 it was reported that Anakin would in fact appear on the upcoming live-action Ahsoka show, with Hayden Christensen reprising his prequel role.

Indeed this Christensen report seemed to be confirmed when Ahsoka actor Dawson took to Instagram to welcome him to the new show. 

As for Dawson herself, it seems she learned a lesson from the whole premature Christensen reveal dust-up after receiving a stern response from the Star Wars powers-that-be.

Secrecy regarding spoilers is of course greater than ever nowadays, as the stakes continue to rise with each new major franchise offering via the big screen and streaming.

Of course Christensen’s return as Darth Vader has already been confirmed for the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi show on Disney+, so if the actor does return to Ahsoka Tano as well

Force Ghost appearance would be a fun call-back for fans of animated Ahsoka, and would seemingly be welcomed by Dawson after her enthusiastic Instagram post.