Green-eyed bandits True Potomac Wives Bravo, Robin Dixon and Gisele Bryant, are known for confusing pots.

His antics over the years have entertained viewers. However, sometimes these antics get the ladies into trouble.

Fans have a love-hate relationship with Robin and Giselle, who always seem to be side by side. You're close to the start of RHOP,

whether it's causing harmless fun or getting hot. If one quarrels with the hostess, the other stands by her side.

On several occasions, Robin and Giselle have used their alliance in less favorable ways, such as uniting to portray themselves as more frightening to those who pass them by.

Number security tactics have worked for them more than once. Sometimes it offers RHOP viewers a healthy dose of comedy, and other times it's a bit more eyebrow-raising.

The ensuing mess is a joke as Giselle and Ashley hide in the corner in cheap wigs while Robin runs into the house to deliver pizza.

Robin and Gisel from RHOP have been causing a lot of trouble. Sometimes their adventures get them into a little more trouble than expected.