Diana Jenkins is the newest and wealthiest addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and so far, her actions have made her come across as unrelatable to viewers.

Diana came from humble beginnings in war-torn Bosnia. During the Bosnian war, she and her family fled the country and sought refuge in Croatia for a year.

They made their way to London, England, where Diana eventually attended the City University of London.

Diana has shared that she did everything from cleaning houses to scrubbing toilets to make money. She then met financier Roger Jenkins and the two married in 1999.

After ten years together, Diana and Roger divorced on amicable terms, and she received $150 million in the settlement, making her the wealthiest housewife to date.

When fans first saw Diana in RHOBH season 12, she walked into Harry Hamlin’s birthday dinner dripping in Cartier jewelry. Kyle was in awe and asked Diana how many Cartier rings she needed.

In the next episode, Diana and fellow RHOBH star Crystal Kung Minkoff were driving to Kyle’s La Quinta house when they passed by an outlet.

Diana shared that she has designers send her items and therefore doesn’t shop in stores. Since most people don't have this luxury, fans are finding it difficult to relate to Diana.