Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are not one to mince their words, especially when it comes to their loathing of OG Kyle Richards.

Kyle has been a staple on the show for the last 12 seasons, but strong opinions have already been formed about her. Real Housewives viewers are not about to hold back their strong opinions.

Since Kyle first bragged about her 90210 zip code in her tagline, viewers found the mother to be over the top.

The Halloween actress often finds herself in the middle of a lot of the drama, mainly due to her incredible pot-stirring abilities.

Fans first met Kyle when she joined the franchise with her sister, Kim Richards. The two sisters had a strong bond but an even stronger hate for one another.

But as fans watched their lives play out on camera, they couldn't help but wonder how much drama Kyle brought upon herself.

It doesn't look like RHOBH viewers will be saying goodbye to Kyle anytime soon. Even though many dislike her,

she seems to keep her storylines going by inserting herself into whatever conversation seems relevant for the time.