Dorit Kemsley has been blasted again as The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills fans called her out for losing her fake British accent.

The 45-year-old TV star, who was introduced to the Bravo reality series by Lisa Vanderpump, came under fire after her daughter, Phoenix, appeared on the show.

The TV personality threw a birthday party for her husband, Paul Kemsley, and invited castmates who made lovely comments about the little girl.

But some fans seem to have a different opinion about the child, and Dorit became a target of online bullying about her daughter.

So many RHOBH fans have been curious about the subject that it is one of the most Googled search phrases about her.

In 2017, Dorit explained that her accent resulted from different factors, including her husband's strong London accent and her parents not being American.

In addition, Dorit highlighted that she spent much time outside of the United States, which forced her to over-enunciate her English to be understood.

However, some Redditors who commented on the post could not help but notice a change in Dorit's accent during the episode and took turns sharing their insights about it.