Now that readers have started to take the first tentative steps into a post-King in Black Carnage's plans, Ram V holds nothing back and pulls them deeper into bloody waters with his ongoing Carnage.

Carnage's recent run-in with the Symbiote God Knull has broadened his horizons to unimaginable new forms of slaughter. 

And even with Cletus out of the picture, the Carnage symbiote has a taste for omnicidal mayhem. 

Written by Ram V with artwork from Rogê Antônio and Dijjo Lima and lettering by VC's Joe Sabino, Carnage #3 delves deeper into the madness.

Carnage #3 opens with Carnage having cornered the teleporting villain, Spot. Having taken Hydro-Man's powers and repurposed them to suit his needs, Carnage now seeks to hunt characters with unique powers so that he can become the ultimate killing machine.

 Pulled into this web of madness along with Carnage are Kenneth Neely, a budding serial killer obsessed with the crimson symbiote, and Detective Shayde, whose own mind is filled with growing darkness after a recent run-in with Carnage.

Ram V writes Carnage as evil incarnate in this issue. Without Cletus to "limit" the symbiote's new urges, Carnage adopts a deadlier and more clinical approach to killing.

This is a new turn for the character, and V handles the new direction with a great deal of finesse.