Author Mark Millar's Millarworld stories are rarely small or self-contained; they go big, or they go home. The Magic Order Vol. 2 by Mark Millar, Stuart Immonen, Sunny Gho, and Clem Robins conjures up another wicked tale that puts its fallible characters in a massive world then puts them through the wringer in ways that would make George R. R. Martin blush.

The Magic Order Vol. 2 doesn't spend too much time rehashing the events of the previous arc, trusting that the reader has done their homework.

So the story kicks off with the introduction of a new character named Victor Korne, who seems committed to rattling the world of magic and bringing a bit of darkness into the fray. 

The Korne family also has some history with the Magic Order, so this becomes a lot more personal than strictly business. 

Elsewhere, Cordelia Moonstone is now the head of the Magic Order; however, she isn't exactly taking to the role with enthusiasm. 

By her side are her brother, Regan, and former flame, Francis, who is struggling with some personal demons of his own.

It's a full-blown war between Korne and the Magic Order where there can be only one winner.

When it comes to distinctive storytelling, Millar embraces the darkness. In The Magic Order Vol. 2, Millar continues to pen a cast of characters that are flawed, damaged, and in a state of constant peril.