Rounding up another year of Batman adventures with a bang, Batman Annual 2022 #1 tells a standalone story that weaves seamlessly into the current Batman (2016) line and the upcoming Batman Inc.

run. Penned by Ed Brisson of Murder Book fame and lettered by industry staple Clayton Cowles, with art and colors by DC veterans John Timms Harley Quinn, Superman: Son of Kal-El, Young Justice) and Rex Lokus, respectively, Batman Annual 2022 #1 delivers an impressive, standalone story.

Following the events of Batman #118, Batman Annual 2022 #1 shows Batman continues to try and forge his international superhero "franchise" of Batman Inc. into a functional outfit.

 As a one-shot story, "Under New Management" depicts the first independent, non-Batman leader of Batman Inc., with the first nomination being Ghost-Maker, much to the rest of the group's chagrin. 

 However, Ghost-Maker's flippant attitude and questionable leadership style are trumped in urgency by a mystery befouling a small and isolated town. 

Now Batman Inc. must put their trust in their new and controversial boss if any of them are to survive.

Brisson's talent as a crime/thriller writer is fully engaged for this comic, setting up layers of narrative to reveal and subvert as Batman Inc.

get to the bottom of their first mission under Ghost-Maker. Batman Annual 2022 #1 fits seamlessly into the current continuity, tying into the redemption of Batman Inc.