Marvel and Disney+ continue to delight and amaze viewers with their series and the upcoming Moon Knight show streaming this Wednesday, March 30 is no exception.

Moon Knight really came out swinging with one of the strongest opening episodes of any Marvel series. We are instantly transported into vulnerable gift shop employee Steven Grant’s world and the mystery surrounding his memory, mental health, and waking nightmares.

This all goes from bad to worse as Steven believes he’s being stalked by a terrifying-looking creature, all the while getting in the way of a charismatic yet equally scary Arthur Harrow’s plans.

In regard to Ethan Hawke’s performance as Arthur Harrow, he is calm, persuasive, and has a charisma that draws you in, and yet… utterly frightening.

Oscar Isaac had a truly complex job in this series with multiple roles, and he has more than sufficiently pulled it off.

The two main personalities we see from him in the first four episodes are Steven Grant and Marc Spector, and they couldn’t be more distinct and different.

Steven Grant is a new favorite Marvel character of mine. I think many viewers will find him incredibly endearing and latch onto him very quickly.

I was really pleased with how I could clearly see a strong character arc forming for him as the episodes progressed, that felt truly separate from Marc. I want to see more of this character moving forward.