It’s been revealed that Reacher season 2 will be skipping ahead in the book series to adapt book 11, Bad Luck and Trouble, and that’s secretly a really good choice.

However, the showrunner behind Amazon’s Reacher, Nick Santora, signaled this might not be the case and it’s clear he has bigger ideas in mind.

Reacher season 1 follows Jack Reacher’s adventures as he arrives in the fictional town of Margrave, Georgia.

While some of Jack Reacher’s backstory was explored through family and military flashbacks, the focus was on Reacher in the current day.

Jack Reacher’s past informs his present, but it took several books for Lee Child to fully flesh out Reacher’s backstory.

This means that Reacher season 2 can bring back Neagley and introduce a cadre of other important figures from Reacher’s past before continuing with the series.

eon Garber’s appearance in Die Trying comes late in the book and is relatively light, but his death has a huge impact on the story for book 3, Tripwire.

By adapting Bad Luck and Trouble before Die Trying or Tripwire, the Reacher TV series can introduce Leon Garber in a more important role before his eventual demise in a later season