Actor Ray Liotta, best known for his performance in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas, passed away on May 26th, but before his death,

Ray Liotta was known for his outstanding work in many other films outside of the gangster movie. Liotta began his career in TV,

starring in Another World, Casablanca, and Our Family Honor, before making his presence known in features like Jonathan Demme's Something Wild,

Dominick and Eugene, and Field of Dreams as Shoeless Joe Jackson. But it wasn't until 1990's Goodfellas that Liotta became a star,

playing the real-life character of gangster Henry Hill in the much-lauded film that co-starred Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Liotta went on to have a tremendous career in Hollywood, starring in a number of features and TV projects that made ample use of his considerable talents as an actor.

He brought a menacing intensity to his roles, coupled with a bad boy charm, later moving into more grizzled and esteemed roles in his later years that lent a sense of gravitas to his characters.

James Mangold to Kurt Russell to Ridley Scott to Joe Carnahan to Denzel Washington to Robert Rodriguez and beyond, creating a legacy of films and series that will long be remembered.