Raven's Home Season 5 introduces a new cast of characters as Raven returns home to San Francisco, including a new class at Raven's alma mater, Bayside High.

Cami Rivera is one of those characters, and she has a fun connection to That's So Raven. This spin-off brings back fan-favorite sets and familiar faces, but it doesn't stop there.

Raven's Home creates exciting connections to the original series through its next generation of characters, as it does with Alice.

Cami exemplifies this through a twist on one of the original series' memorable dynamics. Plus, her existence bodes well for the future of Disney Channel.

That's So Raven debuted on Disney Channel in 2003 and aired for four seasons, ending with 100 episodes.

Booker inherited his mother's ability to have visions. Season 5 relocates Raven and Booker to Raven's home city San Francisco to look after her father Victor after he experiences a mild heart attack.

LGBTQ+ representation on live-action Disney Channel shows is not nearly as abundant as it should be. Cami Rivera joins only four other canonically LGBTQ+ characters

Raven's Home is a gradual evolution of That's So Raven, and hopefully, it can continue to contribute to the evolution of representation on Disney Channel.