Indiana Jones' first outing in Raiders of the Lost Ark is an action-adventure classic, but its story's ending also carries a deeper meaning. Since its release in 1981 

Raiders of the Lost Ark features a number of moments almost as iconic as Indiana Jones himself. Moments like the film's unforgettable opening scene have left an indelible mark on pop culture 

Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood manage to survive the opening of the Ark, but are left alone with it in the desert. 

Revealed in the film's novelization, Jones survived by using his bullwhip to attach himself to the submarine's periscope, then releasing himself and swimming in behind the vehicle as it docked in the Nazi hideout. 

One of the Indiana Jones franchise's most famous moments is Raiders of the Lost Ark's face-melting scene.  

The final shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark is the warehouse in which the Ark is hidden by the U.S. government.  

The film itself is primarily concerned with the balance of science and religion, and the cross-section of the two.  

Indiana Jones' respect for that power, and his refusal to attempt to twist it for his own ends, is what makes him the film's true hero.