Not many would be aware but RS has been shot simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi and dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada. Here, we’ll be purely talking about the film’s Hindi version

To be very honest, the promotions looked very underwhelming with no consistency whatsoever. Just for the sake of romantic drama, tons of songs were released.

Coming to promos and songs, it just looked okayish and no song or trailer really digging in. Yeah, some of the tracks did well.

All thanks to Prabhas‘ presence, there was a surety that the film will manage to create awareness among movie lovers, and attract crowds initially.

No, I am not a die-hard Prabhas fan, but one thing deserves a mention that theatre, where I watched the movie, was almost 60% full for a morning show of 9 am.

Most of them were college-going students. This pretty much dictates the fan following of the Saaho actor in the Bollywood belt.

Visuals are pleasing and technically this romantic drama stands on its merit. But that’s all! There’s no real substance that keeps you hooked and overall, it’s ‘yawn’able experience.

There’s no scope of multiplex versus single screen, classy versus massy debate here, as no one would really enjoy the film.