It’s all over for Radhe Shyam [Hindi]. One of the most hyped films right through 2020 & 2021, it turned out to be a damp squib.

. If the pre-release buzz was totally missing, poor content took care of the rest as there was neither a start at the box office nor any sort of sustenance.

Rest was taken care was by a tsunami that came in the form of The Kashmir Files and the entire attention was diverted towards the realistic hard hitting film.

The film managed just 14.50 crores in its first three days, what with Sunday also contributing with a mere 5 crores.

There was a section of trade that was expecting as much from the film from day one itself but that was always out of question.

The best case scenario for the weekend numbers was 22-25 crores and that too if the word of mouth was at least decent to good.

While KGF – Chapter 2 is set to open quite well considering the fact that the first part was a major success in Hindi, and Pushpa 2 too would be huge when it arrives in 2023

one waits to see the kind of making and release strategy that others such south offerings will have in time to come.