From the first minutes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Jean-Luc Picard has been plagued by the cosmic entity known as Q.  

It was no surprise to fans when John de Lancie reprised his role as Q opposite Patrick Stewart's Picard to renew their rivalry with a season-long arc in Star Trek: Picard.  

With Season 2 having concluded, fans can now look back on Q's master plan to literally change space and time.

The second season of Picard has been difficult for fans to followbecause of the time-travel scenarios therein. Some time-travel shows have very strict rules.  

After showcasing cruel fates for many familiar faces, Q reveals that his main goal was to get Picard to accept himself.  

Yet when Picard puts the skeleton key behind that loose rock in the past for him to find in the future, it’s a big moment. Picard Season 2, Episode 9 

Q is the closest thing that Star Trek had to a god, and Star Trek: Picard Season 2 made it seem as if he was finally going to conquer time and space.  

He was helping Picard move forward in his life while also preparing him and his allies to save the galaxy. Not a bad last run for the mischievous antagonist  something fans might even call heroic.