Dallas actress Priscilla Presley has lived quite an amazing life with a net worth that certainly reflects it.  

The television star and businesswoman born in Brooklyn on May 24, 1945 was famously married Elvis Presley but built up an empire of her own too. 

The cofounder of Elvis Presley Enterprises has an estimated net worth of $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.  

Priscilla was married to the hitmaker from 1967 until 1973. She gave birth to the rock ‘n’ roll legend’s only child, daughter Lisa Marie Presley, on February 1, 1968.

About two decades later on March 1, 1987, to be exact she gave birth to son Navarone Garibaldi with her then-partner, Marco Garibaldi.  

Both Navarone and Lisa Marie have established music careers of their own. Priscilla’s daughter has her own whopping net worth estimated to be around $16 million. 

She is known for playing Jenna Wade for 133 episodes of Dallas in a supporting role in seasons 2, 3 and 7. She played the main role between seasons 8 and 11. 

While these roles in her past her last IMDb credit is from 2019 Priscilla is hopeful there will be a comeback in her future but is also not in a rush to jump at just any project that comes her way.